Simfer solid fuel stove started production in 1977. In 1997, uninhibited through the cooking group has made a new breakthrough in production designs. His facility investments in the sector, R & D and patented product works primarily with cooking group, it achieved the highest quality standards, the brand has managed to become the vision of the industry at home and abroad.

The world’s different culinary cultures of the convenient features and high-quality cooking group product offering Simfer, widespread service network in the country, with more than 2,000 points of sale and available with 3 factories in more than 1,250 employees and sells products to provide better quality service to its customers. especially in Europe, the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Turkic Republics, Africa and the entire Middle East, including the Gulf countries and South American countries by exporting to 146 countries in the top 500 industrial companies in Turkey.

Simfer, customer-oriented, reliable, innovative, environmentally friendly, respectful people, holds the promise to be steadily growing brand has the mission itself.

SIMFER IMPEX (INDIA) has been appointed as the SOLE DISTRIBUTOR OF INDIA by SIMFER (TURKEY). We understand the market requirements particularly of India. In India most of the people have undergone a drastic change in their living style. They have become techno-savy and hence require better things to cater to their domestic needs. Most of the Indian women accord a great importance to their kitchen. Kitchen is the major venue of the major activities of the family SIMFER IMPEX (INDIA) has the major target to lessen the kitchen smoke, suffocation and hassles So that an INDIAN Family Can Breathe healthy and live healthy.

SIMFER IMPEX (INDIA), to make life convent healthy and hygienic ensures highly efficient kitchen appliances with full variety to suit every pocket and taste. We have more than sufficient models of the kitchen appliances. These appliances are not only technically perfect but also aesthetically impressive. SIMFER (TURKEY) has track record of supplying these gadgets to the major parts of the world. Despite its supremacy in this field, the company has an insatiable thirst for innovation and improvement. INDIA, consider to be the biggest and the best market of consumer goods will be benefitted a lot with the launching of a rich variety of kitchen appliances produced by SIMFER (TURKEY). SIMFER IMPEX (INDIA) has a wide network and an experience of decades of consumer satisfaction. We assure prompt attention to all the enquiries and complaints from its valuable customers.

VISION; World-class production facilities, technology and design that makes a difference in the sector with ‘Leading Brand’ to be.

MISSION; understand the customer’s needs and expectations; environmentally sensitive, low energy consumption, creating a difference with design ‘life easier’ to modern products.

Focused on customer satisfaction in the products in the international market, sensitive to the environment and human health, performance and safety standards make the production of guidance. Aware continuous development of our employees, the company towards becoming a civilized world, to share the duties and happiness is our company policy.

Our Human Resources Policy


  • To support the sustainable growth of the market and the customer-oriented perspective by placing the center of every activity, sector and support a mental transformation that will allow you to think beyond the market boundaries,
  • Do not respond proactively to the needs of the private sector as well as the strategic goals and performance approach to support and enable the creation of applications,
  • Our organization’s strategic plan and its objectives and ensure continuous learning to be ready to change with the evolving organizational structure,
  • professional business environment will increase the motivation of our employees and create career development opportunities,
  • By providing the most effective and efficient use of human resources management capacity to add value to our company,
  • Simfer a highly educated, well-trained, open to innovation and change, have entrepreneurial skills, energetic, self and aims to develop job is to give people that had to adopt enterprise value and is willing to stay with us.

Any questions about our products, regarding suggestions and complaints, our Customer Service  9915500521  ‘i can be accessed by calling.

Questions, suggestions and complaints are evaluated, will be resolved as soon as possible.