Simfer believes that the heart of any home is its kitchen. Starting here, our kitchen appliances such as cookers, heaters and freezers help you give warmth to your entire home.

Wide Range Products

Simfer caters the needs of people around the globe. for achieving the same Simfer have more than 2000 products within more than 9 categories. Even more we also offer custom solutions for all your need.

Around the Globe

Today meals are cooked on Simfer all around the globe in 146 countries and even we are OEM for more than 80 National and International brands.

Most Advanced Production

Simfer uses the technology at its best to manufacture all the products, to give our customers unbeatable quality at unmatchable prices, automatic consistency also helps us to produce flawless products.

Modern Design

Simfer is very particular to design its products so that they can suit the global requirements. Being a global player Simfer understands its responsibilities and commitments to meet the requirements of the people across the globe having different weathers and climates. All products are the result of a ceaseless pursuit of the quality and efficiency. Full satisfaction is the catch word of the company.

High Quality

Since from the beginning we are keen to supply best quality as we understand that how much you work hard to earn the money you spend over our products. To ensure to provide best quality we have highly qualified technical staff and highly advanced robotics assembly and production line. Products are manufactured in number of stages and there is a Quality test stage after each consecutive stage. Any mild flaw in product is screened out and product is removed from assembly chain.


We are living in ultramodern society where life has become hectic. Due to this hectic life style we don’t get much time to enjoy our social and family life. At Simfer, we use technology as a key to help us to do chores with ease and short time so we can use time in a constructive way or to get social and to design our products to be durable, reliable, efficient and most importantly safe.

After Sales Services

For us at Simfer, we believe in zero error still our relationship with you is most important part. Our motto, “Time is Money!” We respect your time so we have department to help you out with all spare parts availability. There are highly trained professionals skilled to take care all of your queries and complaints.

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